Ladies Club Information

Club Information

Trailhead Ladies Nine Hole Golf Club- Our golf group provides a weekly opportunity to improve golf skills while interacting with other women golfers and gaining knowledge of the rules of golf. All players are encouraged to join, regardless of your golfing ability.  You WILL become a better golfer by playing on a regular basis in a fun, relaxed environment.

Golf Days/ Tee Times- Our club plays on Wednesday mornings from April through October.  Our golf format is a 9AM shotgun start.  This means players will tee off simultaneously from different holes and all finish at approximately the same time.

Yearly Dues and Fees- Annual membership dues are $25GHIN Card yearly fees are $25. GHIN is an acronym for Golf Handicap and Information Network, a handicapping service of the USGA that allows clubs and golfers to post and retrieve information.   Golfers post their scores following every round of golf on the computer in our pro shop.  If you are unfamiliar with the process, ask a member for help. The club’s handicap committee handles all the computations and will issue handicap indexes twice a month.  You will be able to print off your GHIN card from our computer.

Greens Fees-   $13.64 for 9 Holes, ($9.95 Seniors 60+)

Cart Rental Fees-   $13.04

Player providing own cart- $5.69/day or $68.22/year

Annual Kickoff Meeting and Greeting of New Members- This first meeting of the season is usually held on the last Wednesday in March.  Email notifications will be sent out. If you have friends that are interested in joining a ladies golf group, invite them to come with you.  New members are accepted at any time during the season


Club Meetings- We will have a monthly meeting on the first Wednesday of each month during the regular season.   Golf will begin at approximately 10AM immediately following the meeting.   Notify the club president prior to the club meeting date if you have something you would like to present to the members or any issues that you feel need to be addressed.

Becoming Involved in Your Club- We are all here because we love to play golf.  The club would not be possible without the help of its members and officers who give the gift of ‘time’.  Help us to become a more efficient group by giving us your suggestions and ideas. If you have questions at anytime, ask a fellow member: they are more than happy to answer your questions or help you find the answer.  There are so many areas to become involved in that if we each take a small task, so much more can be accomplished. Some of our members have obligations that do not allow them to give additional time to our club but have chosen to give in the form of money.  We are a non-profit organization and we encourage all members to become involved and to give back to the club in any manner that is the right ‘fit’ for them.

Community Involvement- Each year our ladies golf group gives back to our Liberty Lake community through monetary donations to at least two organizations.  This money comes largely from the proceeds of our annual Trailhead Invitational Golf Tournament which we host each August.  All ladies 9-hole golf groups from throughout the region are invited to attend.

Golf Terminology

Handicap–   refers to a numerical representation of a golfer’s playing ability. The lower a golfer’s handicap, the better the golfer is. A 2 handicapper is better than a 10 handicapper who is better than a 20 handicapper.

Handicaps are meant to represent a golfer’s potential rather than simply be an average of a golfer’s scores. For example, someone who averages 20-over-par likely won’t have a handicap of 20; his handicap will likely be several strokes lower than 20 because of the way handicaps are calculated.

An official handicap – one that is established through the auspices of a USGA affiliated club – is called a “handicap index.” To establish a handicap index, a golfer needs a minimum of his five most recent scores, plus the course rating and slope rating of the courses played.

Once a handicap index is established, it is then used to determine a course handicap. A course handicap tells a golfer how many strokes he is allowed to take on a specific golf course; that is, a course handicap of 14 means the golfer will be able to deduct 14 strokes from his score throughout the round.

Handicap indexes are used so that golfers of widely different playing abilities can compete fairly against one another.

Flights – Your flight will be determined by your handicap.  We have A, B, and C Flights.   Updated Handicaps and Flights are posted every two weeks on the bulletin board in the club house. If you do not yet have a handicap, we will help you establish one. This is the best way to gauge your improvement.

Chip In- A chip in is when your ball rolls into the hole after any shot not executed on the putting green.  One ‘Chip In’ pin will be awarded to every player who has made one or more chip in’s during the season at our end of year luncheon.

Birdie- A birdie is when you shoot one stroke less than par for any hole.  A Birdie pin will be awarded to all players who have made one or more birdies during the season at our end of year luncheon.

Hole in One Club- any player may contribute $1 to become a member.  If you make a hole in one, and you have paid your $1.00, you win all the money that is in the pot!  As of October 2009, the pot is $247!!

Ringer Cards- Any player may pay $1 at the beginning of each month for a ringer card.  Each time you play 9 holes on a regular league day, circle your score for each individual hole on the card. At the end of the month, your lowest circled score for each hole will be added up.  At the monthly meeting, ringer card cash awards will be given for members with the lowest total scores in each flight.

Golf Clinics- Our golf pro, Mollie Thola, invites all club members to participate in four golf clinics in which she provides group instruction each season.  The members decide before each clinic what they would like Mollie to teach at the next clinic.  Three clinics are generally arranged in April as our season is getting underway to help improve our skills.  Most of the clinics are on Tuesdays and run from 10-11am.  See your Member’s Calendar for exact dates.  The fourth golf clinic is usually scheduled in June.

Golf Formats and Tournaments

Best Ball- Best ball can be played using 2-, 3- or 4-person teams. Each player on the team plays his or her own golf ball throughout the round, and on each hole the low score – or “best ball” – of the group serves as the team score. If player A gets a 5, B gets a 4, C gets a 6, D gets a 6, then the team score for that hole is 4, because the low score of the group was B’s 4.

Scramble In a scramble, each player tees off on each hole. The best of the tee shots is selected and all players play their second shots from that spot. The better of the second shots is determined, and then all play their third shots from that spot, and so on until the ball is holed.

Mollie’s Day- Our pro, Mollie, chooses from a variety of different golf formats, what type of format we will play that day.  It may be Best Ball, Scramble, or any other format she chooses.  Rules of play will be explained for the format she chooses on that day.

Junior Golf Day- Mollie invites her junior golf students to play with our ladies golf group, usually in early July.  This is a great opportunity to encourage our local youth golfers.

Maintenance Day- Towards the end of our season in late August, our ladies group invites the members of our Trailhead golf course maintenance crew to join us for a round of golf.  We try to put one maintenance crew member with 3 ladies to make up a foursome.  At the end of play, we have our annual potluck chili feed in the clubhouse.

Cross Country Golf Day- Players tee off from a designated spot, definitely not a tee box!  For example you may be chipping over the driving range fence, then down to hole number 9.  From there, you may be directed to tee off from under a tree with your destination being the green on hole #4. The objective is to take as few shots as possible, following whatever path you choose instead of playing the fairways.  It’s wild, it’s crazy, it’s “cross country”!

Presidents Cup- This is our first of two tournaments played between our club members.  This is a consecutive 3 week tournament .in June.  On the first week of play, all players tee off the white tees and record their Score, Flight, and Handicap on the score sheet in the clubhouse at the end of play..  On the second week of play, all players tee off the blue tees and again record their scores.  On the third week of play, each player re-plays whichever tee they had their highest score on to try to make a lower score.  Take note that on week 3, there may be players in your foursome teeing off either White or Blue tees so make sure you are on the tee that is the correct one for you. For scoring, we use your net score (actual score minus your handicap).  Players must have one score for the white tees, and one score for the blue tees.  These two scores are combined for each player.  Which ever player has the lowest combined two net scores is the winner of the tournament. You do not have to play all three days of the tournament.  As long as you have one score for the white tees and one score for the blue tees, you are eligible to compete. Cash prizes will be awarded at the end of year luncheon for the Presidents Cup first place winner as well as first place in each Flight (A.B.C)

Club Championship- This is the final tournament of our season played in September.  It consists of two consecutive Wednesday’s in which player’s record their gross score, and Flight, on the score sheet in the clubhouse following play. No handicap is applied in this tournament. On the first day of the tournament, all players play from the white tees.  On the second day of the tournament, all players play from the blue tees. The club champion is the player who has the lowest gross score after the two dates of play are combined. There will be a cash prize for the Club Champion at the end of year luncheon as well as the first place winner in each Flight (A,B,C).

Invitational Golf Tournaments- Starting in late May, many of the ladies 9-hole golf groups will begin their invitational golf tournaments.  All members are eligible to play.  Your member’s calendar will list the date for each one and the start time.  In addition, there will be a sign up sheet for each one in the club house as we receive them.  The costs vary and many include, 9 holes of golf, shared cart rental, lunch and raffle drawings.  Carpooling is easily arranged between members and this is a great way to get out and experience some of our area’s other golf courses and to meet other lady golfers.

Trailhead Invitational Golf Tournament- This tournament is hosted each August on our 9- Hole Course by our club members. We invite all the ladies 9-hole golf groups in the region to attend. Our members collect monetary donations or raffle prizes from the community to supplement the event. This is our major fund-raiser for the club.  All members are encouraged to help in some way with the tournament, whether it is selling raffle tickets on the day of the event, decorating the club house, or meeting and greeting our guests.  There are many areas to choose from to help out with this fun, annual event!

I.E.N.G. (Inland Empire Nine-hole Group) – There are three tournaments held on the first Monday of each month in June, July, and August, unless it falls on a holiday. There is an eight women team and a four woman team from each club. Our club pays the annual IENG club dues but we pay individually for our own green fees and cart rentals. There is an IENG banquet in October to pay honor to the winners from each month.  Awards are given for both net and gross in the 4 woman team and 8 woman team. This is a very good opportunity for members of our club to be involved with and compete against other clubs.

End of Year Luncheon- We generally conclude our regular league play in mid-October. On the last scheduled league day, there will be an end of year luncheon for all members.  Awards will be given for winners of both the Presidents Cup and Club Championship Tournaments as well as raffle drawings. Many members continue to get together and play beyond this date, weather permitting.

Course Etiquette- The grounds crew at Trailhead Golf Course, our pro Mollie Thola, and the members of the Ladies Nine Hole Golf Club take pride in the condition of our golf course.  Please be respectful by following these guidelines to help keep our course beautiful and be considerate of your fellow golfers regarding ‘speed of play’:

  1. Don’t throw the flag on the green.  Place it gently as to not create a divot, or lay the flag in the ruff.
  2. Once everyone is on the green, each player should announce what they are laying (how many strokes you have taken to reach the green).
  3. Rakes are to remain in the bunkers (sand trap), not the grass.  Always enter and exit the bunker from the down side slope. Leave the bunker raked out how YOU would like to find it.
  4. Be considerate of your speed of play.  Keep movin’!  Have your next club out and be ready to hit when it is your turn. Play ready golf. Ready golf means if you reach your ball and are ready to hit, while other members of your group are not yet prepared, then go ahead and hit. Let the other players know you are going to take your turn so they are aware.
  5. Repair your divots (and those that aren’t yours if you happen to have a spare moment while waiting your turn to hit).
  6. Move carts and golf bags well away from the green so players coming up on you can continue their play in a timely manner.
  7. Move off the green quickly once all players have completed the hole and record your scores away from the green.


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